Jujube Finance


Jujube Finance is an AMM&NFTs platform on the Aptos & Sui blockchain. Testnet is in progress. At present, Jujube has released an nft called 'Jujube Early Member' on the main network. Mainnet is coming soon!


  • Through DEX, you can not only use inherent features, including swap tokens, adding liquidity Liquid, and farming on the farm.
  • At the same time, we provide a pledge function for users who hold Nft, you can deposit your Jujube Early Member to generate $Jujube income.
  • In addition, Jujube Kingdom allows us to innovate new ways of playing games. Here you can take the throne and start the war.
  • Use the tool to deploy the token and set the fee for it. You can also lock your tokens for 1 day, 10 days or a month, all features are optional
  • In short, many new features are worth your while to discover.


  • On the Jujube platform, there are many ways to earn money, which is one of our advantages.
  • Trading mining, Trading will let you get $Jujube income .
  • Referrer income, in Kingdom, you can invite other people to participate, and every time you invite one, you will get corresponding rewards.
  • Participate in the game, Kingdom is a complex system, become a jujubeking through auctions, and get a lot of money.
  • Deposit NFT, which is prepared for our early participants. You can also buy it in the secondary market and then pledge it.

Advanced and safe

Jujube Finance based on the move language, built on aptos.
The design of Move makes it better suited to supporting the security of blockchain applications. It provides a secure resource model, allowing contract writers to accurately describe their resources and avoid programming errors that may result in security vulnerabilities. For example, Move's borrow checker can prevent data races and memory leaks in code.
Move's design also makes it more efficient at supporting blockchain applications. With its static type checker and special bytecode, Move can effectively reduce runtime overhead and transaction costs, and has higher scalability on blockchain networks.
Move supports a modular programming style, making it easier for contract writers to combine and reuse code. This allows developers to quickly build complex contracts and promote ecosystem development through code sharing.


Continuous liquidity: AMM uses a public pool to store various digital assets, which makes the liquidity strong and enables transactions to be completed at any time. Since there is no order book in AMM, the price is automatically adjusted based on the supply and demand relationship. Therefore, the system can always provide sufficient liquidity, ensuring that transactions can be completed at any time.
More fairness: Traditional trading may result in some high-level traders gaining information advantages through lightning trading and other means, making it difficult for other users to obtain fair trading opportunities. AMM uses a price-adjustment mechanism to ensure that all participants
trade at the same price level, thereby avoiding the unfairness brought by information advantages.